We’ve reimagined client engagement and developed

Collaboration Technology

Like nothing you’ve seen before.

Services Delivery

  • Reach consensus around the exact services you’ll deliver and when.
  • Seamless workflows for you and your client
  • Design your own granular services that reflect the functional activities of your team based on the technologies they interact with.
  • Deliver your services at the speed of light

Product Marketplace

  • Find trading partners
  • Build relationships
  • Work with trading partners to build up a complete suite of integrated products
  • Build a suite of products that deliver real value to your clients.
  • Make referrals to your trading partners and collect referral commissions.


  • Get paid on time as you deserve.
  • Activate Stripe and collect direct debits.
  • Communicate
  • Integrated Chat provides a direct channel to your client alongside every step in the deal from negotiation to signing.

Document Signing

  • Platform users can share documents and have them signed by any other platform user.
  • Immutable, provable document hashes


  • Use our integrated communications messaging system to ensure that client deals are captured in their entirety alongside the service agreement.
  • Being able to easily resurface the communication thread involving service arrangements makes it easier to ensure scope creep is never an issue.

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