Getting Started Guide for Business Owner

LodgeiT is also designed to be used by business owners. By adopting LodgeiT and our suggested processes, you will be joining a growing legion of business owner’s who enjoy the benefits of significantly enhanced compliance automation and the associated benefits of time-savings and higher quality data production.

To get started with LodgeiT, we suggest the following approach


STEP 1: Sign-up to LodgeiT through this link and save the URL for easy access.


Click here to watch the video on how to get started as business owner.


STEP 2:  ​You’ll need a mobile phone for the next step, code verification will be sent to proceed and authenticate.


Be sure to switch from text reminders to Google 2FA for a superior user experience.

Select PRACTICE TYPE as “Business Entity”.

Make sure to select the correct ENTITY TYPE ( Four types that a business owner can possibly use: Company, Trust , Partnership, Superfund) that you signing up that has an ABN and an Auskey .


Note that you need an Auskey for every entity that you want to process ( Company Tax Return , Partnership Tax Return , Trust Tax Return, and Superfund ). Click here to know more about lodging multiple entities for business owner.


In this example, you sign-up using “Company” as the “Entity Type”. Then proceed and update other details


LodgeiT Account holder is set-up under “Doe Pty Ltd”




Note that in Set-up “Jerry Doe” was said to be the Signatory of “Doe Pty Ltd”, LodgeiT automatically added “Jerry Doe” as a CLIENT.

To avoid future form error, visit Setting of Jerry Doe and complete his details.


STEP 3: You’ll be encouraged to work your way through our basic induction process.



Click here to watch the video about the process that will help you work your way through the guide.


Click below links to know more about the detailed process –

– Connect LodgeiT to ATO
– Complete Details
– Add Related Entities / Adding Client
– Define Clients’ Relationship
– Import Financials 
– Creating a Tax Return 

*Individual Tax Return is for Tax Agent use only.

Additional steps you may want to consider:

Adding team member
Configuring the system for your team. Remember, with LodgeiT we don’t care how many team members you have or where they are located.

How to prevent other team members for viewing a form

Once you’ve got your firm started on the LodgeiT Journey, we suggest the following course of action.


Learn how to use the LodgeiT tools including :

Sending forms for client digital signing
Special purpose financial reports
Working papers
Document storage
Smart Excel Utility (Excel Report / Financial Import)
Depreciation tools
Share register Franking Credits
Other tax related reconciliation tools
Share buy/sell tools
Accounts & security