Google API Services Disclosure

LodgeiT uses Google’s Application Programming Interface (API) Services to integrate Google email management feature within the LodgeiT application.
Types of Data Collected with Google API Services
In connection with the Google API services that we use for our LodgeiT application, we securely store authorization tokens that we obtain from Google API server when user authorizes LodgeiT and allows the access to his Google Account. We don’t obtain and don’t store neither user credentials nor confidential user’s Google data. The only user’s Google data LodgeiT stores is user’s email address.
Use of Google API Services Data
Your Google information is used by our system developers to provide or improve user-facing features that are prominent to your user experience. LodgeiT policies and procedures define requirements that prohibit the unauthorized use of data within the application.
In order to perform improvement to the application, developers may need to share your information with other development team members; however, LodgeiT policies require that this type of sharing only be performed when (a) necessary to provide or improve user-facing features that are prominent from the requesting app’s user interface or (b) to comply with applicable laws. All other transfers of user data are completely prohibited.
Developers are never allowed to use or transfer sensitive/restricted scope data to serve users advertisements. This includes personalized, re-targeted and interest-based advertising. Additionally, developers do not allow humans to read sensitive/restricted scope user data.
LodgeiT will use only Google “https://www.googleapis.com/auth/gmail.send” scope to send the emails from user’s Google mailbox to his clients in LodgeiT when it’s necessary to send them tax returns/financial documents to sign. LodgeiT cannot neither read nor delete user’s Google mailbox emails.
Securing Your Data
LodgeiT has established policies and procedures that define the appropriate safeguards for protecting your sensitive information. These safeguards include the implementation and use of security software, security processes, and a team of security professionals that manages and monitors the security of the LodgeiT network and your data.
Data Privacy

We place significant importance on maintaining the security and privacy of your data. Reference our Privacy Policy for information on our privacy policies regarding the use of the LodgeiT application and its services.