Are you an in-house accountant, bookkeeper, family office or business owner looking to reduce accounting fees?

A hefty accounting fee for an annual compliance service might be a significant % of your net profit.

Use accountants wisely and buy their services for advisory, not compliance.

There are already many accounting firms that benefit from using the automation capabilities of LodgeiT & you can too.

Works for companies, trusts and partnerships.

LodgeiT is designed to help your business remain compliant:

  • Document retention policies
  • Accurate filling of tax forms
  • Smart, contextual warnings and suggestions
  • Powerful calculators and tools
  • Working papers that will allow you to work like a tax agent

Learn how to lodge in this 5min 42sec video.​

Using Xero?

Using QBO?

Using Excel or Others?

Regulators are not going away any time soon and they are constantly able to access more of your business information from more sources than ever before.

Compliance failures can be costly, either in the case where you pay too much tax or in the case where you underpay and are then penalised by the regulator.

To minimise the chance of paying too much or too little in the way of tax, take control of your tax lodgments and compliance activities. Generally, these activities can be streamlined with the correct approach.

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At LodgeiT we believe that technology can resolve all your compliance requirements.

We are constantly improving our systems to provide you with guidance, tools and lodgement capabilities that will help keep you on the right side of the law and the Australian Taxation Office.

While technology is important, we understand that a little help can go a long way so we maintain an excellent support facility to ensure that you get the most out of LodgeiT.

Compliance failures are costly, that is the bottom line!

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