For Bookkeepers

When we built LodgeiT we wanted to build a cloud-based BAS agent platform with significant in-built intelligence & automation capabilities. We also wanted to build a system that caters for the import of data from the diverse range of BAS-reporting systems used by your clients.

Includes all
form types

All form-types including AS, TFND, PS & TPAR.

Wizard based form filling

  • Only work with relevant form sections
  • LodgeiT auto-fills most fields
  • LodgeiT handles all calculations, even for complex scenarios
  • Save significant time


Prefill forms straight from the ATO via Standard Business Reporting technologies.

Huge range of features

LodgeiT offers a significant range of features for accounting firms looking for the very best in a Standard Business Reporting platform including – Faster, easier, more accurate form filling using patented LodgeiT Wizard technology. Intelligent form-filling Wizards help you fill tax forms 70% faster than competitor software.

Powerful client database

Powerful client database with predictive field filling and smart relationship recognition.

Recurring billing functionality

Enable easy, efficient time and reoccurring billing functionality using 100% free QuickBooks Online Accountant from a single client database.

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Automation calculators

Work with a range of in-built automation calculators and working papers including depreciation and pool calculators, hire purchase calculators, loan calculators, rental property calculators, borrowing expense calculators and more.

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Document Storage

Use LodgeiT Document Storage tools to save documents on a timeline with intuitive domain-relevant tags. LodgeiT Document Storage leverages Amazon S4 storage technologies so you never need to worry about backup again.

Standard Business Reporting

Because LodgeiT is connected to the ATO via Standard Business Reporting technology we have been able to build significant automation into Activity Statement analysis. LodgeiT allows complete automation of the Activity Statement reconciliation workflow requirement.