Supports ALL Clientside Accounting Software

LodgeiT is designed to be accounting software agnostic. Our advanced accounts import and machine mapping allows you to service any client, regardless of their choice in accounting software, easily and seamlessly. Read More.

Dynamic forms

LodgeiT tax forms are best-in-class. More automated fills, fewer button clicks.

ATO Prefills

Dynamic fills for business financial information directly from all accounting systems

Cross Filling

Cross-filling on spouses, trust distributions, partnerships, dividends, investment income splits including rental properties etc

Audit Trails

Audit tralis to see which team member did what from filling to lodgement

Form Suspension

Form suspension to lock-in a future lodgement date

Data Roll-Overs

Annual data roll-overs for rental property information, deductions & more


Digital signing by design

Digital signing with LodgeiT is fully integrated. You send a form or SPFR for signing and the status is tracked directly in the software with statuses like Out to Sign and Signed. Set auto-reminders. Signed forms can then flow seamlessly to lodgement and SPFR's to publishing. Signed copies are collected and stored on the LodgeiT platform as well as sent to the client. All email rides out on your email account. Client never sees LodgeiT.

Special purpose financial reporting

A single import of your client's accounts provides an instant set of SPFRs. Use our prebuilt templates for all entity types including partnerships, trusts, companies and superannuation funds. Customise reports to suit your unique requirements. Dynamically add signatories for digital signing. Include graphics like your logo.

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Powerful track and control features

Track and control work across your practice with fine-grained filters that allow you to drill down and see exactly where anything including forms, working papers and financials are at in their work lifecycle from new, due, overdue to completed and out to sign.

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Automated notice of assessment

LodgeiT collects digital versions of client notice of assessment, cross-matches against the estimate and if accurate, automatically emails your client using your email account. You simply need to connect your email to LodgeiT and activate the feature.​ Here/NOA.

Automated Lodgement List

Lodgement list is syn'c with the ATO and accordingly, all forms are prepopulated. Here.

Smart Calculators

LodgeiT provides a range of Smart Calculators that can compute and report things like hire purchase interest per period and the balance splits between current & non current liabilities on unexpired interest Borrowing costs amortization.

Fee from Refund EFT Reconciliations

If you are taking fees from client refunds you'll appreciate this is a toolset you need.

Integrated working papers

A single import of your client's accounts from any downstream accounting software provides the endpoints for linking your reference documents. With the LodgeiT classifier, cross-referencing can be automated back against our calculator elements

Powerful track and control features

LodgeiT provides forms for years as far back as 2010 for all entities except individuals. ITR's are available for years 2015 onward. LodgeiT also provides depth of form type with a complete range.

Document Storage

As well as accomodating LodgeiT generated documents like signed tax forms, the system allows for any document to be attached. Unlike other systems that operate with folders, LodgeiT operates with tags and dates where a date might be a BAS period. Tags and dates can then help surface documents in a search.​

Depreciation Reporting

LodgeiT includes a depreciation reporting module that's integrated with LodgeiT tax forms for a more automated experience. LodgeiT depreciation values also interact with the working papers to provide a reconciliation across the value sets.

LodgeiT is designed to offer bank-level security. We are audited annually and have a certification from an international security organization for our security status.

ISO Certification

Team Controls

LodgeiT team controls allow the firm administrator to configure permissions across Client access and add , work including editing, viewing locking & unlocking forms and reports.


You know how annoying it is to run multiple databases. LodgeiT gives you dynamic contact sync control over contacts shared with QBOA - free software for accountants.

Division 7 A interest and minimum repayments

Loan accounts and inter entity reporting

Easy Transfer from Competing Tax Software Platforms

Xero tax, Handi, Thompson Reuters Tax Assistant including APS and others - we allow you to easily export your clientlist from those systems and import into LodgeiT. Read More