Partnership Tax Returns

If you use MYOB Account Right/Essentials, Excel, Xero, QuickBooks Online you can effortlessly automate your business tax processes.

LodgeiT makes lodging your partnership tax return simple with just 7 steps to get started:

  1. Make sure that your accounts are in order and reconciled
  1. Register for an MyGovId if you don’t have one
  1. Sign up to use LodgeiT
  1. Connect LodgeiT to the Australian Tax Office
  1. Connect your accounting system to LodgeiT and import your accounts
  1. Map your account line items
  1. Lodge your trust tax return!

Learn how to lodge in this 5min 42sec video.​

Simpler than your current process?

That’s LodgeiT’s primary goal; make your life simpler and easier!

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We also offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind – read our policy here.

For a once-off fee of $120*, you can have your partnership tax return lodged in 30 minutes.

*Note - The first lodgement is $120 and all subsequent lodgement are $60.

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We also offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind – read our policy here.

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We recommend that you seek out a skilled bookkeeper or accountant to get your accounts data file in the right order so that LodgeiT can more easily handle the automation – Please read the LodgeiT Accounts Preparation Guide here.

While LodgeiT can import accounts from any popular accounting system, the quality of your accounts will still determine the outcome of the quality and accuracy of your company tax return.

If you have recorded dividend payments to the shareholders of the company, be sure to watch our training videos on how to use the LodgeiT Company Share Register, Franking Account and Dividend payment tools.

If you need to calculate depreciation on company assets, watch the depreciation module training video.

While you probably don’t need to read the complete ATO Company Tax Return Instruction Guide, at least take a look through the guide menu and review any sections of the guide that may be applicable to the various activities of your company. –

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our support desk. We want to make your company tax lodgement experience as fast, painless and cost effective as possible.
A combination of technologists, tax specialists & accountants with years of experience have worked hard to build & maintain the rich features & fast forms that you’ll find on LodgeiT. All LodgeiT data is stored securely on the Australian Amazon Cloud and our security capabilities have been tested by Synopsys in order for us to be listed in the Intuit Apps Store.

Lodging company tax returns offline in Australia requires a few steps to be completed. First, download the PDF format of the tax return document or order a paper copy from the ATO Publication Ordering.

Before you begin filling in the document, it is recommended to read the instructions contained on the Australian Taxation Office website. These instructions will not only provide you with information regarding how to complete the tax return but will also provide you with the following:

  • Information regarding the schedules that should be attached to the document related to the type of company.
  • The type of bookkeeping and record keeping documents that need to be supplied.
  • Any other information that may be pertinent to the completion of the document.

Once the document has been completed in full and all additional paperwork and records have been attached, it should be submitted in it’s entirety to the Australian Taxation Office in a city nearest to your location.

The forms will then be processed. If any of the required documents are absent or if there are any fields that have not been completed, the Taxation Office will contact you. You may be required to start the process from scratch or simply supply the necessary information for processing to continue.

It is recommended to stay in touch with the Taxation office after lodging company tax returns in order to stay updated with the progress as well as find out if additional information may be required. This will help avoid delays in the process.

However, if you are struggling with completing the tax return or submitting the necessary documentation it is advisable to contact a professional accounting and tax lodging service provider for assistance. It is essential to submit information that is correct and up to date for the current financial year.

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