The LodgeiT Advantage

Compliance is the bread and butter of the accounting firm. For most small and medium firms, compliance can make up the bulk of revenues.

LodgeiT provides best-in-class tools to help you streamline your compliance operations.

Winning Efficiency

The compliance space is increasingly competitive. Barriers to entry are lower than ever and prospective clients are increasingly seeking alternative possibilities to save on fees.

Automated form filling

Dynamic Report Creation

Seamless Client Communication

High Levels of Automation

Compliance efficiency demands consideration of all the activities in the value chain from collecting the information to getting it checked and into the forms and reports. LodgeiT provides high levels of automation, regardless of the accounting system your client chooses to use.

Internal Controls Consideration

Compliance efficiencies go well-beyond software effectiveness. They require a careful consideration of end to end processes all the way back to the client's internal business controls. LodgeiT is leading the way with developing internal controls procedures and audit techniques for accountants.