Financial Reports and Statements Tool – Financial Report

The LodgeiT SPFR Module is designed to streamline and automate the production of Financial Reports and Statements.

Unlike other reporting systems, the LodgeiT Module relies on a single import and classification exercise to populate Working Papers, the Tax Form and Financial Statements.

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Import raw client-side financials from a range of Accounting Systems like Xero and Quickbooks

Classify against the Internal LodgeiT Taxonomy

Generate Financial Reports by Month , Quarter or Year

Select the appropriate reporting template and manage the publishing cycle

Compilation Report is automatically populated with appropriate names using the correct conventions

The signing field uses your firm name

Declarations are contextual i.e. Financial Reports / Statements for Companies

Financial Reports / Statements for Trusts

Financial Reports / Statements for Partnerships

Details for signing parties are included dynamically from the LodgeiT Contact Database and are contextually correct

Exceptional presentation quality with nested structure

Appropriate Notes are included

Company Profit Appropriations Report

Partner Profit Appropriations Report

Partner Distributions Summary